Index of resources

An overview for employers

Put requests from education in context, with a simple diagram and description of the education landscape in England.


Making it work for your business

Discover the opportunities to collaborate with education and explore the benefits and commitments of each activity.


Frequently Asked Questions

I want to work with education. What should I do next?
If there is a particular activity described in these materials which you’re interested in exploring further, follow the links under ‘Further information’ for that activity. These will tell you about the national support for that activity, the organisations involved and more information about what’s required to get started. Otherwise, feel free to get in touch with your local contacts – the relevant education providers, Local Enterprise Partnership, or industry body, for example – to find out more about how the activity operates in your area.

Who has compiled these materials and why?
The Gatsby Charitable Foundation is committed to strengthening technical skills in England’s workforce, and to opening up the opportunities offered by technical education and careers to those who would benefit most from them. Key to this is ensuring that business and education maintain strong links. It is therefore vital that employers have clear information on which to base decisions about how best to engage with education, especially in response to requests from education providers and other stakeholders. We hope that these materials make it easier for businesses to make these decisions, and that having the benefits to your organisation of engaging with education clearly set out will make you more inclined to do so.

I have been contacted about an activity but it isn't covered in your brochure
We have aimed to set out a comprehensive description of the types of activity that are available for businesses to work with education. Schemes which fit into these types will have varying names in different localities and may change over time, so it is not possible for us to maintain an up-to-date record of each by name. The activity categories as described should allow you to interpret the broad area into which the activity you are considering fits. However if you are finding this difficult, feel free to refer back to the source of the request and use these materials to guide your conversation, or consult your Local Enterprise Partnership or other local skills contact. We would also appreciate hearing about any activities not covered by these materials at

I have worked with an education provider before – do I have to work with them again? Can I choose?
If you’re happy with the existing relationship you have with an education provider, you are absolutely able to continue working with them. There is no requirement to get involved with all requests you receive from providers or other intermediaries and you are free to choose the activities which best suit your organisation’s needs at any given time. You may also contact education providers that you might be interested in working with – they’d be happy to hear from you.

Can you tell me who to contact at my local education provider?
Most schools, colleges and training providers will have a Business Development or Employer Engagement team. It’s best to contact these organisations directly and they’ll be able to put you in touch with the right person to work with you.